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Financial Policy

Pang Physical Therapy is an out of network provider, ensuring that your care is results based versus insurance driven. Session fees are collected upfront and a superbill can be provided thereafter. A superbill is an invoice that details provided services, which you can then submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. HMO plans generally do not provide out-of-network reimbursement. I highly recommend you call your insurance company prior to your first visit to clarify your out-of-network coverage. 

If you are a Medicare beneficiary, please contact me directly to learn more about how Medicare might cover some services. 

We accept all major credit cards, cash, check, and HSA/FSA cards. 

In-home 1 on 1 Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapist evaluating patient and taking medical history

Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation

This is where I can gain a thorough understanding of your goals so that I may serve you best. We will go over your medical history and administer any tests/measures as indicated by a functional movement screen. From there we will develop a plan of care that is curtailed to your specific problem. Your plan will always be designed to build resilience so that you may feel more confident in your physical capabilities and retain your independence

60 min | $300

Physical Therapy Follow Up

This is where we work towards your goals. Your follow up sessions will be designed to keep you on your toes as I strongly believe variation and challenge are key to building resilience. Sessions will include manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and a host of other unique treatment modalities. 

60 min | $250

Bronze Option Remote Programming

For those looking for a more basic option we offer remote programming to help you achieve your goals. While Telehealth cannot compare to the service experience of being seen in person, research has found it to be just as effective. 

Consists of:

  • One 30 minute Video Call Evaluation
  • Weekly 15 minute phone call follow up check ins
  • Access to an online exercise portal. 


Physical Therapist kinesio-taping patient knee

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Physical Therapist performing Shoulder joint Mobilization with patient

Platinum VIP Monthly Subscription

For those looking for an elevated concierge experience. Our monthly subscription adds a host of other benefits to your physical therapy visits. 

Consists of:

  • 10 sessions per month that can be shared with friends and family
  • Additional errand service such as grocery delivery and package returns
  • Daily Accountability Calls to keep you on track with your home exercises as well as any other goals you may have.
  • 15% discount on any additional visits 
  • Option to add on transport and accompaniment to medical appointments. 



I would highly recommend Jimmy Pang as a physical therapist. His professionalism, knowledge and flexibility made my knee replacement surgery a safe, effective and positive experience. He made the best use of our time together and created an exercise plan that allowed me to recover fully in my home environment, making adjustments as I improved, and successfully helped me regain my flexibility, mobility and strength. Jimmy is also a great listener and just a pleasure to be around! I look forward to seeing him again after my next knee replacement surgery.

I worked with Jimmy over the course of several months. I was lucky enough to find someone knowledgeable in treating sciatic nerve pain. Several months into my pregnancy, I started to experience severe sciatic nerve pain rendering me unable to walk at times, and unable to find relief on my own. When I started working with Jimmy, he took the time to get to know me and my situation. I could tell the care plan was tailored to my needs. During our sessions, he focused on identifying activities that showed the best results. He also took the time to show me exercises to do on my own. As my belly continued to get larger, I expected my back to get worse. However, the table stretches, and exercises Jimmy put together for me improved my back. I was more ambulatory and comfortable further into my pregnancy thanks to his knowledge and personalized care. If I had not received the level of care he provided I would have been unable to continue working. I highly recommend him if you’re looking for a knowledgeable physical therapist who genuinely cares about the outcomes of his patients.

Jimmy took my pain seriously, both physical and emotional, and utilized a variety of strategies to address it. He is a gem when it comes to sharing new resources and has introduced me to so many new treatment approaches, particularly at the forefront of pain management research. From his own experiences with chronic pain, he delivers insightful comments of empathy and support that really stuck with me, validated my experience, and served as a mantra helping make the hard times easier to get through. I've gone to Jimmy with instances of both acute and chronic pain. Jimmy has helped me through the acute instances, and reframed my relationship with lifelong pain as a journey with trial and error, peaks and valleys, mindfulness, and acceptance.

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